This post is dedicated to the recently deceased editor-in-chief of Car and Driver, David E. Davis Jr.  I heard of the news when I received my June 2011 issue of Car and Driver.  David E. Davis Jr. died while recuperating from cancer surgery on March 27, 2011. 

What’s next from Ferrari?  A minivan with a V12? Most likely, no.  Darn! (It would look awesome though!)  If I worked at Ferrari, then I would design a Ferrari mini-van and get one for my mom!   

Ferrari’s newest kid on the block will probably be a target for the big competitors on the grand touring car block.  I can tell you one thing: it certainly isn’t an ugly duckling (or a slow one for that).  It will outrun many competitors, and out power them, too.  The new kid is named the Ferrari FF, which stands for Ferrari Ferrari Four!  The FF is the first Ferrari with four-wheel-drive!  If you can afford one, then you can go up to the ski resort, without having to buy a Jeep! Another cool gadget is an additional tachometer and speedometer.  As with all other Ferrari’s, the FF has a mannetino switch, which controls the stability and traction control systems.  The FF gets 25% better fuel economy than its predecessor, the 612 Scaglietti.  If you think that the engine may look like a double-headed vacuum cleaner, then think again, it doesn’t sound like one!  Sadly, all this awesomeness is held back by a Chrysler navigation system.  YUCK!  You can compare the FF with the Porsche Panamera, but that is kind of pointless.  The FF nearly matches the Panamera’s utility and passenger space.  Even with AWD, the FF is only eleven pounds heavier than the 612.  The FF’s cost is nearly double that of a very-well optioned Panamera Turbo.  If you want one, then you will have to wait for a bit, as the first year of production is sold out.  The FF succeeds in its mission to be one of the coolest-ever grand touring cars ever. 

I am attaching the link for the FF from Car and Driver’s website.

4 thoughts on “Vroom-vroom-vroom-zoom! Ferrari’s newest car: a hatchback!

  1. This article is really cool. I think the Ferrari FF is not the handsomest car to come out of Marellano however, and I heard that the handling dynamics are somewhat lukewarm. Still in my opinion Ferrari can do no wrong, besides of course the not so grand new Ferrari California. A Ferrari mini-van would be cool.

  2. This car sounds great, but I like anything that Ferrari makes. Do you think you can ask Zayzee to buy me one. Maybe he’ll listen to you.

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