Slow CODA Sales AND a recall?

Slow sales is never a good thing.  Unless the product is a niche product.  With CODA, the tiny start-up electric car company based out of Los Angeles, CA, sales have been slow.  Horribly slow.

CODA’s been mum about sales figures since March (when the cars started showing up in the showrooms).  But, NHTSA recently recalled ALL CODA vehicles.  CODA won’t tell how many that is, but it seems that CODA has only sold about 78 (if that much) units since March.  The recall will fix a side-airbag problem:  The airbags may or may not deploy in the event of a crash.  Why?  Because they were not installed properly in Benicia, CA.  Oops.  This could mean life or death for CODA.  Here’s to hoping there’s no more problems with the car.