The Best Advertisement on Paper!

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Scott Devon and his small company that made a few custom-built Dodge Vipers back in 2010.  Too bad if you didn’t hear of them.  They were awesome, truly. They don’t custom-build Vipers anymore, but they DO have a small store in Beverly Hills where they sell:  Devon leather jackets, jeans, eyewear, watches, scents, and other Devon apparel.  A motorcycle is out, but costs well above $100,000. But, I wanted to share with you the advertisement from 2010 of the Devon GTX.  Enjoy:

The Devon GTX: The Art of Speed

Behold the 2010 Devon GTX: boasting world-class performance prowess, it is an illustrious super car for the ages, an iconic modern classic in the making.  With a stiff, lightweight body utilizing a carbon fiber-based structure; the Devon GTX is where ultimate form meets ultimate function – a study in achieving power and prestige.

Conceived by the visionaries at Devon Motorworks, the GTX encapsulates the clarity and elegance of a Mies van der Rhoe architectural creation and the provocative lines of a Henry Moore sculpture-bodies of work that have profoundly influenced company founder and namesake Scott Devon.  “It’s a car everybody put talent and emotion behind to create – a modern classic that will stand the test of time,” says Devon.  An able-bodied automobile defined by an unparalleled  aesthetic has come to fruition in a record time – in a record time – in a mere 24 months of development, the next American supercar has evolved from concept to reality.

The Power of Precision

The numbers scream of the Devon GTX’s deft ability, further validated by its production car lap record at America’s Famed Laguna Seca Raceway.  With a V-10 engine that produces 650 horsepower at 6100 RPM, performance is ultimately enhanced by optimally refined airflow, exhaust and headers, massive 380-mm front and 355-mm rear rotors.  The GTX’s six-speed manual transmission engages prompt respons from the deep-skirted, 10-cylinder aluminum engine block.  The perfectly pitched exhaust note is low and smooth, symphonic music to the driver’s ear.

Design of Distinction

In form, the GTX is breathtaking – a balanced blend of sweeping architecture and seamless structure.  Each vehicle is coach-built to specification with meticulous attention to detail.  Superior materials define the content- the highest quality carbon fiber, chrome inlays and fine leather.  Yet, the strategic placement of metals is strictly guided by minimalist principles.  In the artistic tradition of Mondrian, what abounds is an efficient and exquisite balance of taste and sparse line work.  The front and rear overhangs subtly cling to the body.  Tactile elements represent a wholehearted strength that resonates with emotion.  Two-tone wheels speak visual volumes about the machine’s agility and are fitted against Michelin Sport Cup (R) tires.

A dual center rear exit chrome exhaust is a controlled study in perfect design and engineering application.  Sloping lines cue the romantic heritage of American motor sports. The GTX interior, a continuum of the exterior’s design lexicon, is framed by a jewel inspired dashboard and accentuated by the capable technology of McIntosh displays and surround-sound speakers, ampmeter and sub-woofers.  A white shifter knob reflects against the piano-black surface of the finished gearbox.  Carbon fiber-reinforced racing seats are lined with chrome trim, with the option of six-point racing harnesses, and are outfitted with stiff performance durometer seats and bolsters.  Dual-grained leather surfacing throughout and a leather-wrapped steering wheel create distinctive style ofest by polished aluminum parts.

Southern California, with its historical relevance to the golden years of American car culture, provides the perfect setting for Devon’s growing business.  Only 36 limited edition bespoke vehicles will be produced each year, making the GTX a truly unique collector’s item.  The company plans to introduce more cars, motorcycles, watches, and other enthusiast-related products that span across the spectrum of the elite to the accessible.  The GTX is the blueprint, establishing a benchmark for the Devon Motorworks brand.

And another startup pretty much bites the dust.  Just 30 Devon GTX’s were actually made, because the Dodge Viper took a two year nap.  What a lot of advertising noise.


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