I am entering early as I am on a field trip.  Guess where?  I am in the City of Cars.  You know it – it’s Los Angeles!  Car stories and viewings have been slow as many people here don’t like to drive their Ferrari’s in the rain.  And it has been really rainy down here.

My Grandpa and I were driving along, having just come from the Petersen Automotive Museum for an exhibit on supercars.  I told my grandpa Jack to turn into a driveway so we could see the cars in the Ferrari dealership.  On a whim, we went in.

The salesman told us “Go ahead and sit in the cars! We don’t mind having to clean them.  That’s what polish is for!”  (I guess that he thought that my grandpa Jack was a potential buyer!)  Nice! Or for lack of a better word, EPIC!  We asked him if he was sure.  His reply was “Go right ahead!”

So, we got to sit in a brand-new Ferrari 458 Italia, the car that I am saving up my money to get!  Meanwhile, my grandpa Jack was sitting in a Maserati GranTurismo S coupe.  That was the car that I tried to convince him into getting, I guess that it didn’t work!  There were only about 10 cars in the showroom total, most were Ferrari’s!  There was an actual potential buyer looking at a Ferrari 599 GTO with the Handling GTE package.  WOW!  It had the optional Matte black paint finish.

I can’t afford to get it by myself, but I will split the cost with somebody!

I promise to do some future stories from this trip down in LA.  One of them will be on the Petersen Automotive Museum’s supercar exhibit.

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