Okay, everybody, today we are learning about metaphors and similes.  I see your hands coming up.  Yes, I’ll answer your questions right now.

A metaphor is implied, not introduced by the words ‘like or as.’ 

For example: “The Ford Mustang gallops through the winding country road.”

A simile is a comparison that takes two dissimilar things and finds common ground between the two things.  Similes often use the words ‘like or as’ to announce it.  For example: “Hummer’s chug gas like drunks do whiskey.”

See if you can tell which of the following are metaphors or similes:  

Jaguars are sleek, fast and agile: just like the jungle cat.  

The Shelby Cobra spits glorious thunder and lightning as thunderstorms inject fear into the hearts of dogs.

 The roaring semi pants up the grade.

 The internal combustion engine is the growling belly of the car.

 Look for the answers on Tuesday. 

 These are Swiftyisms.

 “The tire is punctured!” my dad said flatly. 

“The car is out of gas” my mom said emptily. 

“The car needs oil” the mechanic said greasily.

“The battery is dead” my mom said negatively.  “I can charge it” the tow-truck driver said positively.

“That driver is speeding” my mom said quickly.

“This is a great new road” my dad said smoothly.

“Check out my new Rolls-Royce” the owner said luxuriously.

“The paint job on my Mustang has faded” the owner said dully. 

Those sentences are called “Tom Swiftys”.  They are attributed to the children’s series of Tom Swift novels.  The books were produced from 1910-1993.  The fun of the sentences was that they were supported with puns. 

Share your Tom Swiftys, metaphors and similes with me in the comments.

4 thoughts on “English period!

  1. My mind races to understand similes.

    Your explanations are as clear as mud.

    I’m befuddled i say confusedly

    What the hell is your native tongue….gibberish??? I’m fluent in that..

  2. Okay, Candler, this is not a nice thing to do to your Aunt who has been out of school for a very long time. You are making me use my brain. OY! Okay, I have not looked at the answers but this is my guess. The four sentences are: S, S, M, M. And as for Swiftyisms – I don’t know the guy, but he is very clever.

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