Cruise control has been around for a long time.  The modern cruise control was invented by a blind inventor and engineer, Ralph Teetor.  Teetor invented it after driving with his lawyer, who kept speeding up and slowing down when he was talking.  Ralph must have found that annoying because he then invented cruise control.  Teetor’s assistant helped him draw up the plans.  Testing occurred with a mock dashboard, pedals and steering wheel set up in Teetor’s lab.  Teetor could then “drive.”  The first car with cruise control was the 1958 Chrysler Imperial.

6 thoughts on “Cruise Control, the awesome invention

  1. He could have also been driving with my dad. Thanks for the quick information.

  2. Candler, I had no idea that cruise control has been on cars for that long. I also didn’t know who had invented it. Both are fun facts to know.

  3. Candler –

    Cruise Control is AWESOME. I frequently drive to Palm Springs with the cruise control ON, while I take quick little 5-minute naps. As long as I set a bungee cord to keep the steering wheel straight – it works great !

    Thanks for the update.

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