My Lord, Woe of Mows!  We can’t mow!  What to do? 

Sorry, I should start a dramatic play blog!  I shall leave that to the Bard.  Our 2007 John Deere L110 Automatic’s (small tractor) mower deck isn’t allowing our mulching cover to attach.  The reason is that the mower deck has hit so many rocks and sticks, that it’s bent out of shape.  When my dad and I were trying to put the mulching cover on, it kept popping out.  We wondered why.  Maybe we weren’t putting it in correctly.  We were stumped. Then, I saw a HUGE dent on the side that had forced the mowing blade to shred (literally) the previous mulching cover. 

Now, we have to detach the whole mower deck and take it to a welder.  Yuck! 

P.S.  I am on vacation next week, so tune in on Tuesday, August 2!  If you tune in on August 2, then you’ll be able to see my road test of heavy machinery!  Come and see what it is on August 2!

8 thoughts on “Woe of Mows!

  1. Oh no, we are sorry for your woes, how your grass will grow and tickle your toes!
    Looking forward to august 2nd. Nice preview!

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