What has a clutch?  Just about anything with a motor.  Chainsaws, cars, planes, even the electronic razors men use to shave with!

What is a clutch?  Well, let’s dive in and see!

A clutch is a mechanical device that is attached to a manual transmission gear box, which is outside the engine.  Also, the clutch pedal is attached to the clutch.

Clutches are very important when a machine has  two rotating shafts, or two moving parts.  Clutches are instrumental in a car because it smoothly transfers horsepower and torque from the spinning engine crankshaft to the transmission, without slippage (clutch slippage is where the friction materials inside of the clutch’s flywheel [which is attached to the engine’s crankshaft] wear out, and the clutch is slipping as a result of varying speeds)

Friction is necessary to the operation of  every clutch.  Friction is the rubbing of two or more objects.  The clutch’s job is to eliminate as much friction as possible.  Thus, the friction between the clutch plate and flywheel is  sent through the clutch, where it is dissipated.

When a driver presses the clutch pedal, it releases the pressure plate, which pushes the pressure plate against the clutch plate against the flywheel, and causes the non-spinning transmission to spin.  When the clutch pedal is depressed, the transmission is still spinning, but there is no need to press the clutch pedal:  You will just need a clutch sooner.

If you drive a manual transmission car, and are driving up a hill with a loaded car, and are going up a steep hill in a gear that is too high, you will burn out the clutch; bringing a tow truck and quite a few large bills.  And a happy mechanic… Besides, who REALLY wants that?

6 thoughts on “I Have You in My Clutch(es)!

  1. oh, us control freaks love to drive manual transmissions and control that engine! We need something to “clutch” on to!

  2. Good job!

    I tried to do a report on clutches but I couldn’t figure out how to describe it. But this was very well described. Just one small correction: on most cars the clutch is in between the transmission and the drive wheels so it would be transferring power from the transmission to the differential. Good job.

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