Okay, we all know that I’ve done ‘Geeky Definition Day’, or, simply, ‘Definition day’.  But today is different.  These are auto-related terms that you may have never heard of before!  You need a wide and varied auto vocabulary for this blog.  Are you ready?  I thought so…

Roller Cam:  The roller cam is also called the rolly.  It is a camshaft (a shaft of a cam) which operates against a small roller (hence the name “rolly”), at the base of each lifter; instead of the lifter itself.  The rollers are designed to reduce friction and wear, especially at high rpms.  A cam is located above or below the crankshaft.  A cam spins around, and pushes the bottom of the engine valves, which help produce the spark, which drives the car forward.

Cream hardener:  A type of cream used for hardening bondo.  You put the bondo on, but it doesn’t dry by itself (unless you’re planning on not driving your car for a year!).  Slather the cream all over the bondo, and the bondo dries.  Then (hopefully), your car will look as good as new!

Meats:  Refers to big tires, such as drag racing slicks, or 40″  off-road tires.  I wonder if they have any steaks…  There are also “meaty” tires.  They are very knobby tires, that are used for going off-road.  Now I wonder if they have any bacon…

Tune in regularly to get some more great ‘n geeky definitions!  Heard of these?  I dare you to find some random auto-related terms that I might not know!  Just post it as a comment, and you’ll be featured on my next definition post!

Tune in soon to get specs on my baby!  You’ll be surprised!

7 thoughts on “Nerdy Definition Day!

  1. Forgive me for being extremely technical, but I have a correction. Technically the valves don’t help produce the spark which is produced by the spark plug. The valves admit the gasoline and air mixture into the cylinder, and release the exhaust of the burnt fuel. Here is my submission of words that you might not know: ‘sleeve valve’ and ‘valve shim’. And I can’t wait to more about your truck.

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