Hi there, I am truly sorry that I haven’t posted this last week.  I’ve been loaded down with more than mountains of homework.  So I figured I’d try and make this exciting as compensation for the week off.

I know that the holidays won’t start for a while, but it’s time to start thinking of buying presents.  So, I found a present that y’all can pool your money together so I can have this as a present.  Think that you could get one for me?  Pretty Please?  Newell P2000i RV

This fine example of the Newell P2000i RV.  It is a very expensive, large apartment, amd it happens to be on wheels (as you can see).  This pristine 2011 model belongs to PGA golfer Rory Sabbatini.  All of the options on this bus amounted to a mere $314,950!  I guess when you have that much money, a few hundred thousand isn’t even a dent in your yearly income.

The buses are built in Mickey Mantle’s hometown; Miami, Oklahoma.  The factory is a 120,000 square foot warehouse smack-dab in downtown Miami.  There are 11 stations where the hand built buses are assembled.  The 60-foot paint booth will paint your bus however you like it, as long as it doesn’t involve a color mural of a naked woman.  If you look closely at this picture, you will see that there is a small mural of mountains (it reminds Sabbatini about his hunting hall up in Oregon.

The massive Cummins Diesel engine is 15,948 (16 liters) CC, and puts out 650 horsepower and 1950 foot-pounds of torque.  Yes, you heard that right: 1950 foot-pounds of torque!  The engine alone weighs 1349 pounds and is rear-mounted.

The interior is custom-built however you like it.  The normal entertainment options are a flat-screen HD TV, Sony DVD/MP3 player, and Bang & Olufsen audio system.  And that’s just standard!

A normal galley has an oven, sink, garbage compactor, and two-burner stove.  Should you wish for a larger galley, a four-burner stove is available, but at the expense of cabinet space.

The laundry area has a standard Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine/dryer combo.  There are cabinets to store laundry supplies and laundry.

The living area.  The living area is in the entertainment room, but you can move it wherever you like it.  The standard bed is a king-size bed, with folding cots.  There is also a Murphy bed floor plan! Look out!   I knew that I shouldn’t have asked for one of those stupid Murphy bed floor plans!  They always hit you on the head when you turn!

Newell makes 24 coaches annually.  20 for customers, 4 for demonstrations.  Recently, the Sultan of Brunei had a customized Newell coach built with carbon-fiber flooring, movie-screen size HD TV, an altar, a full bathroom, and a Wii, XBox 360, Mac Pro, and two king-size Murphy beds!  His coach cost $2.76 million!

Ready for my dream Newell?  I CAN dream, right?  Ready?  I thought you might not be…

My Newell coach would have the floor plan F4, 45-foot length, optional Three-TV entertainment system (one small TV in the bathroom, one large TV in the entertainment room, and one large TV in the bedroom, all HD TVs), carbon-fiber countertops, wood-burning stove in the entertainment room, and, since most owners tow a car, a custom-built trailer by Featherlite Trailers, and a very good navigation system (when you’ve got something 45 feet long, you really DON’T want to have to do a u-turn!).  The car that I would tow on my Featherlite trailer would be a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport!  VROOM! Oh, and I would LOVE to have a Mac Pro in the galley!  You just never know when you might need it…

So you can have a house, or this beauty.  I choose this!

The website for Newell coaches is:  http://www.newellcoach.com/flash.html

6 thoughts on “The Beginning of the Big Bucks!

  1. How much is the down payment for the one you want and how much a month?

    Oh…and where would you park it??

    What’s your favorite color?

    Well, since I didn’t receive an immediate response to my questions….forgetahboutit.

  2. Is this green? Since I try to only buy local, I guess you are out of luck… Plus, I am pretty sure that it is not manufactured from recycled materials!

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