“Drop the Hammer” is a term used by us oddball car enthusiasts.  I know I shouldn’t be letting these rare terms out onto the internet, but y’all have a VIP pass…  You’re probably thinking “good for the oddballs…”, but the term is defined as: The driver of a car must engage the clutch and depress the accelerator on the wave of the flag at a drag race.  The term also means to suddenly depress the accelerator to increase speed; i.e.: “When I was in a race, I dropped the hammer,” or, “when there was a passing zone, I dropped the hammer.”  The origin of the term comes from the cocking of a gun.  The term originated when at the beginning of a race, a gun would be fired, urging the driver’s to “Drop the Hammer.”

6 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I won’t Bang Your Finger or Shoot You…

  1. Very informative and cleverly written.

    Remember the old saying: “When you’re a hammer the whole world looks like a nail”

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