Hey y’all, as I have a lot of homework to do, I will only detain you for about ten minutes. This post is on the “Pickup & SUV Authority;” Motor Trend’s Truck Trend!  

Truck Trend covers such topics as: Fuel economy standards for trucks, new concept trucks, race coverage (in the magazine & online!), and so much more!  I think that many of you would enjoy getting some nutty truck owner in the family a subscription (if they don’t already have one!).  You can subscribe online at: https://www.circsource.com/store/Subscribe.html?magazineId=117&sourceCode=I8ABNN

I’m still waiting for my presents…

10 thoughts on “Trend of the Trucks!

  1. Candler, I love your response to Unc Bob. As a homeschooling mom, it does my heart good to see you master english……

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