Just think, one year ago (as of this previous Friday), I was sitting here writing my first post.  I was a bit nervous, but also really excited.  I want to honor my one-year (give or take a few days…) anniversary of my amazing blog, and my 100th post!  All right, it’s my 101st! Count all my posts if you don’t believe me!  I know that I wouldn’t be here without you, so I’d like to take a moment to thank you for keeping me going for one year!  I really did mean to post on Sunday, and have something fun announced on Monday, but I had a teen ice skating activity with a local teen group.  Some things added up, and I never got around to doing it.  Sorry!  I REALLY hope that this makes up for it.

So, I’ve decided to do a giveaway of a one-year subscription to Motor Trend.  All you need to do is post a comment before Thursday night, and you might be receiving a copy of Motor Trend in about 6-10 weeks!  I’ll announce the winner on Friday, so post a comment!  Booyah!

42 thoughts on “Happy Blogversary!

  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me. I need a little night time reading….

    It’s been a great year of reading, and I have learned an enormous amount about cars and culture. Thanks for all the fun and interesting info. I LOVE reading your blog!

  2. Oh no….pick me. I’ve tried to be a faithful reader and I look forward to your posts because I’m old and lonely and don’t have anything to read and I LOVE reading you blog more than this Sherry person who is obviously sucking up to get something free even if she doesn’t really know what Motor Trend is about…she probably thinks it about fashions in Detroit.

    Very heartfelt Congratulations on your anniversary and I’m very proud of your efforts to stay with your publishing schedule and for all the effort you expend here. Your writing has just been wonderful in it’s growing sophistication and ease of expression However, you obviously have not mastered the ability that I have display in writing run-on sentences as I often run out of commas or periods.

    Keep up the good work Who knows where this will lead you. I think Hemingway started out writing a blog and he didn’t have the internet…and look how far he went.

    Someday your readers will say “I knew him when he wrote a blog about cars”….as you write speeches for the President of General Motors.

    I’m glad to have known you when and look forward to knowing you then.

    Love from Zayzee

    1. I’m NOT going to be writing some idiotic blah-blah speeches for some guy who doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing! I’ll be GIVING the speeches I write. Ahem…

  3. You know who to pick! This Sherry person doesn’t know what a trend is, and Zayzee has burned more motors than an arsonist.

    Pick me as I am always buying your aunt new cars, almost as often as shoes and I need to read up on what to buy her next.

    Love Uncle Bob.


  4. Congratulations Candler! That is quite an accomplishment. Even bigger is getting someone like me to actually care about cars more than just wanting them to start and get me somewhere safe and quickly holding my coffee in the upholder without spilling! Your writing has really improved and you have covered a wide range of topics!!
    Happy 101!! Cynthia

  5. Congratulations, congratulations on an amazing achievement. Very cool cake by the way. Don’t worry about the magazine-we already get it. I just wanted to honor you and all that you are and all that you do.

  6. Congratulations, Candler! From a future blogger to an established blogger – you are an inspiration!! You really know your stuff and you share it in an interesting, and often times, humorous way. I really hope I win the subscription because I have a wonderful nephew who is really into cars and if I win I am going to give the subscription to him. 🙂 I’m just sayin…

  7. A full century of posts – Congratulations !

    I have really enjoyed all of your witty insights and commentary on all things automotive. Keep up the excellent work.

    By the way, if I post another comment – can I be entered in the drawing a second time?

    All the best –

    Unc How

  8. Hey Candler, I am so new to reading blogs that I didn’t even know that I could have subscribed to your blog way back when I read the first one. I don’t even like cars, but I’ve enjoyed checking in periodically to read your blogs over the past year. I’ve always learned something and had fun doing it. Keep up the great work!! And DON’T pick me! No one around here knows anything about cars, and they want to keep it that way!

  9. Candler: You know me, I LOVE the cake. However….
    1. If I win, it’s really for Alexis (are you sure you’re not related??), who only wishes he could go back in time, and be you 🙂 But do give the magazine to a young whipper-snapper, who can’t afford the subscription.
    2. We love your blog, not for any incentive, but because it’s fabulous. It’s a stand alone.
    3. Beyond the blog content (which is great), what keeps us coming back is the phenomenal mind that authors this thing. Someone we admire and like, a great, great, deal. We’re interested, in what you think.
    4. Here’s the real prize: You keep blogging. You keep being Candler and gifting us all, with You. We all win that way! There is no magazine that can compare to what you bring to the world.

  10. Candler, Congratulations on 101 blogs. The only person who has piped out more hot air then all cars you’ve written about has to be your Uncle Howie. For that fact alone I think he deserves the subscription. I’ll wait to win the red Ferrari you give away when you become famous and write your 201st blog. Xoxo

  11. Congrats, Candler. 101 blog posts is a great achievement. I think it’s awesome that you do it, I love your writing (and cars are not my fave thing, as you probably guessed). Now I think you need to start pushing this in the car circles on the net, bring in advertising money, go speak at a bloggers conference or a car conference or a teen conference. YEAH! Give a workshop at the HSC conference on how to write your own blog! That would be so cool!

  12. Terrific! So if I win, honestly, I will let my daughter’s boyfriend, Edan, who lives with us, have the mags as he is a 21-yr.-old-gotta-have-a-very-cool-car-someday-guy. Currently he drives a 1980’s -something Buick 4-door sedan that was rescued from an elderly woman who can’t drive anymore and just wanted to give it a good home. Edan has taken good care of the gas-guzzling old-man car and knows that since it gets him from point A to point B then home again, why he’s lucky!
    Congratulations Candler on sticking with it!

  13. Hey Candler!!!!
    You are a great blogger and brother. The cake was gorgeous
    ( and yummy). Don’t pick mom, pick ME!!
    I couldn’t have a greater brother.

  14. So the big question is: are you old school, so when your blog-ometer goes to 100 (,000) you start back again at zero, or do you keep going?
    2 of our vehicles passed 100,000 iles and became new again, but the others have anothe rdigit to go. And I don’t think the others will make it to one million miles.

    Congrats on the milestone!

  15. Candler,

    It seems like only yesterday… 100+ posts and still going strong. I still enjoy reading these highly informative posts. One day, Motor Trend will be holding a contest where they give a free subscription to your magazine (or maybe they’ll give away a car you designed). Until then, you should give me the subscription so I can lord it over your uncles!!

  16. Candler,
    I went to your blog to read the article that you told me about on Ellen’s electric truck. Where do I find this article? Thanks, Meredith

  17. Congrats Candler, great job. I don’t need the magazine so give it to someone else. Lots of in-
    formation. Keep up the good work. We don’t blog, but we were glad to get this one.
    Auntie May & Uncle Ed too

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