the heart car

Don’t go breaking THIS heart!  We all know that Valentine’s Day is a PERFECT day to have a date, and while this might (NOT) be the perfect car to drive around like Granny in, it’s a crack up.  This “car” was made by special effects and design house, Asylum (that’s where THIS car belongs…).  I don’t know what type of car it’s built on, but it seems to be about the same size as a VW Beetle.  So, this might be a good hot rod for your girlfriend.  My thoughts on it include heart surgery, asI’m pretty sure it’s NOT road-legal…  Here’s a funny joke:

What do you call it when somebody attacks this car?

A heart attack!

P.S.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


NOTE:  The Editorial Assistant (aka Pop) would like to apologize for neglecting to post this last night.  Good help is impossible to find.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

  1. What an attention getter! Can you see me driving around PV in this car. I would certainly turn a few heads. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!

  2. It might not be street legal but any cop that would write the ticket doesn’t have a heart….

    so sayeth Zayzee

    who sends you extra love for the day after Valentines Day

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