While touring a local air museum and looking at the planes parked outside, I happened to see this beauty parked outside.  I was skeptical about getting closer, but my good ol’ mom convinced me to hop a fence (well, duck it is more like it), and get closer.  Wow.  A beautiful 1958 Jaguar XK140.

The facts:

  • Very few XK140’s were made from 1957-1960.
  • Even fewer were made in this lovely shade of maroon.
  • Mostly, they were convertibles with a body-color hardtop like this pristine example.
  • This car with a 4-speed manual, 3, 4-liter inline, six cylinder and two person seating (with a small cargo shelf), probably cost a fortune to get to this level of restoration.  Maybe over $100K.

Since 2007, XK140’s have been plodding along in value.  Though the xk140 may not be as much fun to drive as an E-type, they are usually an equally affordable option to a 1950’s Corvette.  My advice to current XK140 owners is to hold on to your car.  They will go up in value.  While currently selling for about $60 grand, I would bet that in a few more years, prices will go up.

Back in 1959, these beauties sold for $3,750.  The money spent was well worth it.  Many notable people such as; Jay Leno, Dale Earnhardt, Sr, John Lennon, and Bill Cosby have all owned one at some time or another.  Sir William Lyons would have been proud to know how much these are treasured.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Joyride in this Car

  1. I have to assume the keys were not in the ignition….and that’s a good thing.

    Hugs from your faithful reader.


  2. That’s one nice car. Where is the air museum that you visited and what are the planes in the background? I believe the XK-140 was made from 1954-1957, and this example, I think is not the removable hardtop, but the fixed coupe, because it has a rear quarter window. Great post!

    1. Little mistake. It was at the air musuem at Travis AFB, and I think it was probably a ’56 and fixed head coupe. What happened to the rear half window?

      1. The rear half window was obsolete when they invented the rear five sixteenths window.

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