In the ongoing saga of this writer’s health, the editorial staff wishes it to be known that he has been recalled for major factory repairs. As soon as all repairs have been made, he will return for active use.

From: The Editorial Staff

18 thoughts on “From Bad to Worse

  1. But he said he would post today!!! I hope the repairs go well and that he is up and running very soon. Xox

  2. As the chief mechanic responsible for your rebuild, I can only say that (as your mom), I must also be responsible for the factory recall. Guess your dad can share in that blame, as well.

  3. Candler –

    If you require qualified legal counsel to seek redress of the grevious bodily and mental harm caused to you by your alleged caretakers – please contact my office at your earliest convenience. Please continue to document the substandard care and attention that you have been receiving, to be used as evidence during what I suspect will be rather short settlement negotiations. Also, please obtain for me the contact information for the caregivers’ insurance company.

    Your loyal servant

    Unc How

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