You’ve probably got some sort of idea on what a replicar is; as it combines two words, replica and car, and the word “replicar” was invented.

A replicar is an car with modern mechanical parts, but has special body work.  This special body work is usually made of fiberglass, and is designed to resemble one of the great cars from years past.  Some cars which inspire replicars range from Auburn speedsters and Mercedes-Benz roadsters of the 1930s to Porsche speedsters of the 1950s to the most popular, the Shelby Cobra roadster of the 1960s.  Also, the Excalibur cars of the 1970s and 1980s are replicars.  Here’s a picture of a replicar (just in case you don’t believe me…).

2008 Carlisle Import - Kit/Replicar Nationals

8 thoughts on “What’s A Replicar?

    1. It depends on the replicar. If you’re looking for one, get a used one, as they can go from $10,000-30,000. New ones can go all the way up to $50,000. They usually have VW 1600 CC mechanicals, or Ford engines. It depends on the replicar.

    1. Well, most replicars are factory built, but there are a lot of kits. Shelby Cobra kits are generally about $50,000, and you can sometimes custom-order what you want in it. Usually, you just call up the company and they send it to you in boxes. Then, you can do it yourself, or have a trained mechanic do it for you (very expensive, but worth it.).

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