So, a hole shot sounds like it is right out of a golf tournament (for all I know, it could be!).  But, it’s not.  In car-speak, a hole shot is when a drag racer beats his competitor right when the race begins.  Basically, that’s when both racers are coming out of the hole.  The driver that gets a hole shot most likely has a ‘lead-foot’ the size of an elephant, or just has a faster reaction time.  I like the former. . .The winner pulls a hole shot, and the loser is holed.

There you go!  VROOOM!

4 thoughts on “A Hole Shot (not a half shot!!)

  1. Hey –

    What if the guy with the Hole Shot Bangs the Blower after he has already Deep Staged?

    Bang the blower: an explosion inside the supercharger caused by a flame from the combustion process accidentally re-entering the supercharger, where fuel and air are present. Generally caused by a stuck or broken intake valve that normally would be closed during the combustion sequence.

    Deep stage: to roll a few inches farther into the beams after staging, which causes the pre-stage lights to go out. In that position, a driver is closer to the finish line but dangerously close to a foul start.

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