Just about any human could dream of owning any one of these cars that Ted and Sharon Forbes of Sooke, B.C. (the tip of Vancouver Island) own.

Ted has restored every single car that you see in these mere photos!  

This lovely ’56 Bird has been owned by Ted and Sharon since the 1970’s, and looks lovely in it’s “golden glow yellow!”

This extremely amazing 1956 Ford Skyliner was restored way back in 1988 by Ted.  It is all original with every power option.  It came from the Indian reservation on Vancouver Island.  Lovely!

This beautiful 1956 Mercury Crown Meteor is lovely looking in it’s black/red exterior/white interior combo.  It is all power with all accessories except “air.”  It was restored twenty-two years ago in 1990.  After the restoration, it was driven to Ocean Shores, Washington, USA for their first ownership drive.

This swoopy 1955 Mercury Meteor Convertible took twenty-eight years of constant pestering on Sharon’s part to let the original owner sell it to Ted.  It is extremely rare.  Out of 201 cars built, only about eight remain.  A good part of this car’s life was spent in Winnipeg.  Just to prove how rare this car is, FoMoCo Times has an article on this car!

“Juicy Fruit” has taken Ted and Sharon all the way from Vancouver Island to Rockin’ Red Deer in Alberta, Canada to Hot August Nights in Reno, USA, and many other trips.  Meteors used some Mercury colors for 1956.  Juicy Fruit is painted Grove Green and Saffron Yellow.  She also has that awesome black lightning blot so popular in the Jet Age. She is all full power accessories except “air.”

This dream-worthy 1956 Mercury M-100 pickup is real!  Since 1978, Ted and Sharon have driven this truck all over the place.  They have gone from California to Manitoba to Sturgis, and many other places without ever missing a single beat.  Around 12 years ago, a 302 crate engine, an AOD, and a Aspen suspension were added to the truck to make it drive even better.  Lovely.

This amazing 1956 Mercury Montclair Convertible is London Grey and Persimmon.  Ted found what was left of it in the Spokane area, restored it, and then drove it to the 1996 Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada.  She has full power, and is loaded to the gills with every single accessory available for 1956 Mercury Montclair’s.

This numbers-matching 1955 Mercury Convertible has only 530 miles since the restoration!  Amazing!  Back in 1989, Ted tow-barred this car all the way from Southern California behind his little Ford 302 box van.  It was so ugly that nobody ever gave him the thumbs-up!  Now, it is perfectly restored and has the optional Canadian colors:  Sunset Coral with the matching Tapestry Weave interior.  It has full power, accessory steering wheel, and a metric speedometer!  VROOM!

This shiny 1958 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible took six MONTHS of welding time from Ted to help get it into the condition that it is in right now!  It is full power with the 348 engine, bucket seats, and just about every factory and dealer option available for 1958 Pontiac’s!  Ted and Sharon drove it to the 2004 Hot August Nights where they won the shown trophy!  I want to buy it!

This sweet 1959 Oldsmobile Convertible was bought by Ted at Don Wheaton’s Auto Dealer way back in 1968.  Back then, Ted was a kid working in the oilfields.  Ted and Sharon took their honeymoon in this car in 1969!  When Ted and Sharon went overseas to work in the oilfields for 25 years, this car was stored in Ted’s barn in Manitoba for that period of time.  With 30,000 miles showing on the odometer, this car has many, many more miles of enjoyment to go!  It has bucket seats.  Plus, only a handful of these cars were built in Canada.  This one was!

The good ‘ol 1964 Ford Park Lane Convertible has 78,000 miles on it, rare 15″ wheels, a Super Marauder engine, bucket seats, and lovely paint.  Ted has cast iron headers and tri-power carbs just itching for a drag race!  Now that’s what I call a SLEEPER!

Ted looked for one of these 1958 Mercury Convertibles for about ten years before buying this one from John Fowlie in California.  Ted and Sharon restored it with a HUGE 430 CI engine, memory seats, and many other BIG parts!  Everything about her is big!

When Ted found this lovely 1959 Chevy Impala Convertible, it was a rust bucket folded up on a pallet with no powertrain or interior.  Originally, it was a black Canadian-built Impala.  Ted has since put in a 1995 Lt-1 Corvette engine and a 700R4 transmission.  Ted hopes that when the car is finished, it will look like it just came out of the factory doors.  Ted has already put on a full Continental kit, fender skirts, and other must-haves for a cool old boulevard cruiser.  Presently, it is about 70% finished, but you may see it next spring at Hot August Nights…

This beautiful 1959 Edsel has yet again been meticulously restored by Ted Forbes, and has all the full power options.  It is also the latest addition to the Mountaintop collection.  Way to go, Ted!


11 thoughts on “Such An Amazing Old Car Collection on Vancouver Island!

  1. Candler:: A journalist never reveals his sources even if a relative asks.

    So how did you find out? You can tell me and I wont’t tell anyone.


  2. All I could think is – how amazing! They must not have kids! Well done CAndler, great photos!!

  3. The banana cream T-Bird is called ‘Golden Glow’ yellow. I owned a Golden Glow and Frost White 1956 Fairlane Victoria like your Crown Victoria.

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