Remember when I told you that I was having some technological issues last week?  Well, thanks to a different IT department (NOT the Apple Store!), everything is fixed and just itching to be published.  I now have a YouTube account called unmuffled auto news.  I just added my first video yesterday to my channel (exciting, I know!)!  So, click the link provided, and enjoy the show!

Don’t you just LOVE the sound of a big old American-made V6?  VROOOM!

8 thoughts on “My Baby’s Running!

  1. Just because it runs, doesn’t mean you can drive it. It sounds fast, so it’s unfortunate that you can’t find out through first hand experience!

  2. Reminds me a bit of the image of Frankenstein being brought to life! Be careful of what you create!!

    1. As per my literary analysis of Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein was a somewhat piggish scientist who was quite daft! He went on to create a monster that killed every single member of his family. If you are bored by this literary analysis of Frankenstein, please watch the movie, Airplane! VROOM!

  3. Now that I’ve heard the engine, while my first reaction was to agree with Cynthia’s Frankenstein

    image, but upon reflection, I don’t recall Frankenstein having asthma and wheezing like your Baby….

    but on the other hand, considering how long Baby has been asleep…she doesn’t sound so bad..

    I’m confident with some of your TLC she’ll be purring like a kitten


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