It has two cylinders.  No doors.  No frills.  A curb weight about 1200 pounds.  Lots of zoom, and some vroom.  But, is three wheels taking weight reduction a bit too far?  Nope.  From 1919 to 1950, the British automaker, Morgan produced over 9 MILLION units.  About ten or eleven years ago, Pete Larsen, who works at Liberty Motors in Seattle, basically designed a three wheeler by himself.  Charles Morgan, who is the grandson of Morgan’s founder, HFS Morgan, heard of Pete’s creation, bought one, and took it to the factory.  Ten years later, the iconic Morgan 3 Wheeler is back.

This car is not meant to be a track day warrior.  Nay, it is meant to be a car where the driver is involved, mesmerized, and captured (dare I say it, captivated) by the charm of the car at sane speeds on normal roads.  The 80 horsepower and 103 lb-ft of torque are sent to the rear wheel by a five-speed manual transmission taken from a Mazda Miata.

Getting into the car itself deserves a paragraph of its own, so read up…To get into the car while it is running, I recommend the driver enter the car by getting into the passenger seat (on the left side), climbing over the unnaturally high center console (while avoiding the gearshift lever – ouch), and plunking oneself into the drivers seat.  It’s as simple as that…

The one thing that may surprise you is the lack of electronic nannies.  This car is old school.  And proud of it.  Going down a road at 60 mph will feel like you are going 100.  With the smell of hot oil, rubber screeching on pavement (the back end LOVES to swing out), and the wind in your face, life couldn’t be better.  The steering is rack-and-pinion, and to turn the wheel, you must keep your right elbow hanging out of the car.  However, it is a lot of fun!

The car only costs a mere $50,000.  Can I buy one, Mom?…

9 thoughts on “Lots of Cute, Tons of Fun, and a Gigantic Smile in the New Morgan 3 Wheeler!

  1. Umm…so did you purposely not include a picture because you suspected I’d say no? I’m not sure if it’s going 60 in a 3-wheeled car, the swinging out back end, or simply a flimsy 3-wheeled car. So dear son, the answer is no!

  2. Picture needed for this car, Candler! You may want to rethink this one, as you may have trouble getting girls in cute skirts to ride with you!

  3. At least this car is cheaper than the Porsche 918. If you settle for the Morgan instead of the 918, you use that as leverage to convince your mom to purchase the car for you.

  4. just catching up on some old emails….and it seems to me that you want every car you write about…….and just where are you going to park them…excuse me….park it….oh well, we have time to figure that one out

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