I don’t know if I’ll get tired of the car that I’ll be driving, but chances are extremely likely that I will.  Of course, the thrill of driving a new car, or a newly acquired used car will wear off over time.  Even if you drove a Porsche 911 every day, you’d eventually pine for something newer and more different to drive.  Do you have dreams of the isolation of a Cadillac Deville?  Do you wish for a big boy’s car like a Chevy Camaro ZL1?  Or, are you okay with what you drive?  It IS okay to drive whatever you drive, but have dreams of driving a Pagani Huayra through Argentina?  Tell me what your dream car is!

Guess what my dream car is.  It’s been featured on my blog.

12 thoughts on “Do You Ever Get Tired of the Car You Drive?

  1. Nope if it is a great car, or you get emotionally attached, you never grow tired of it. I still yearn for some of my old cars. And some i really dislike from the beginning, and just tolerate for transportation sake. Some i love for their reliability, or the sound of the engine. Depends on time of life and what your needs are…

  2. I think I know what your favorite car is. I’m going to guess a certain Italian supercar, successor to the Zonda. My dream car is a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T with a 426 Hemi and a four-on-the-floor.

  3. Sad to say, perhaps, but I love my minivan. Haven’t grown tired of it yet. If it got Prius type of mileage, then I’d be set. As for my dream cars, they are never quite comfortable in the reality. I never enjoyed feeling like my bottom was dragging in a Porsche, squashed in a Corvette, or rumbling around in one of the classic Mustangs. Definitely better to dream, than to drive. However, I did have a great ride in one of those classic T-birds ( though stil wouldn’t want to own one). However , now that Pagani has made his cars street legal in the US, maybe…. At least I’d be uncomfortable in serious style!

  4. I am just now tired of my Lexus LS 430 – it has 190,000 miles and my butt has worn a groove in the seat-

    Going out shopping for something eco-friendly – not cuz i care about global warming – but because I want to drive single in the Diamond Lane.

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