Due to the relentless pounding on the Jersey Shore, at least twelve Fisker Karmas became good friends with the ocean last night.  According to an eyewitness report from Jalopnik.com, these twelve or thirteen Karmas turned into car bombs.  Four other Karmas were caught up in the fire.  Fisker says that the cause of the fire is unknown, yet somebody with a good idea of chemistry (like me!) knows that lithium-ion and salt water aren’t very good friends…Fisker announced that severe damage to the dock restricted their access.  However, this is yet one more string of bad news for Fisker, as the battery manufacturer, A123 Systems, recently filed for bankruptcy.  All I can say is they had some bad Karma (no pun intended…)

6 thoughts on “Fisker Has a Problem…

  1. Damn you’re getting good….right on top of the breaking news with a cute and clever post thaat is informative and enlightening with the substance wrapped in humor.

    Well Done……good for this article….bad for a good steak


  2. I am so ignorant, I don’t even know what a Fisker Karma is, but I am certainly glad my mother in NJ didn’t have one! Cynthia

    1. A Fisker Karma is a very fast, expensive car that has a LOT of torque (FOUR electric motors) and an awesome gasoline generator. Very fast, extremely cool

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