Yesterday, when I was in school, there was something that I REALLY wish that I had seen!  A dump truck dumping a load of manure got stuck in my neighbor’s backyard.  They called another truck, but it wasn’t strong enough.  They ended up calling in a wrecker of Biblical proportions!  It took them over two hours to get just ONE truck out of the oh-so-muddy yard!  Oops!  Enjoy the photos below!  As one can well imagine, my unfortunate neighbor was wigging out!  DSCN0077







10 thoughts on “What’s in Your Backyard?

  1. See – all the trouble Abby and I save not have a backyard anymore. We don’t have to deal with any of that S&%T anymore! Maybe if you could convince your parents to come down off the mountain?
    Loved the story and Pics.

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