Not that I have any free time.  What I mean, is that ALL my spare time is spent in earnest study.  If any educators happen to follow my blog, I would like them to know I am the (get ready for this) epitome of studious.  All disclaimers aside, last weekend, I was looking at people drifting and spinning out their cars on the Nürburgring (highly recommended if you want a good laugh!) on YouTube.  It was a four day weekend, after all.  I found this video of what may be the quickest Formula 1 pitstop ever!  I don’t know where the video was taken, but it is hilarious!  All I know about this location, is that it is near the woods.

The car pulls in, the pit crew starts filling up the car and taking the wheels off.  They are just starting to put the wheels on when you hear a snarl right next to the camera.  The camera whips around, and there is a bear.  Right there!  The camera man utters words not appropriate for small children, and then everybody runs.  For the woods.  Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “The Quickest Pit(y) Stop…Ever!

  1. Sounds like just another after school moment before swim practice at our house! Refuel and try not to run over any wild animals!

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