Chevy and GMC have been producing copious amounts of  hype regarding their upcoming Silverado and Sierra 1500 pickups.  Of course, both trucks are going to be essentially the same truck, but expect to have some bigger styling differences.  The increased use of high-strength steel and hydroformed steel make the chassis much lighter, while increasing the rigidity of the truck.  There is an additional wheelbase that will underpin a crew cab/6.5 foot bed.

All three engines seem familiar with their displacements:  4.3 liters for the V6 (which has been in service since 1988), 5.3 liters for one V8, and 6.2 liters for the other V8.  However, these engines will utilize GM’s EcoTec3 technology.  This technology is expected to reach all GM engines by the 2015 model year.  All three engines feature aluminum blocks and heads, variable valve timing, direct injection, and even Active Fuel Management running as a V4 engine at lighter loads.  Yep, even the smaller V6 will run as a V4.  Plus, the V6 will be able to claim best-in-class base V6 torque.  Finally, all engines are backed by a true six-speed automatic that will offer a tow-haul mode taken directly from the 2500 models.  Another first for trucks:  Heated cloth seats!  The 6.2 liter V8 will be offered in the LTZ and Denali trim lines, but they will be available with towing packages.  Although GM will not say if the 6.2 will make it into the 2500 models, don’t be surprised if they do.

The bed is stronger than most competitor’s  beds, due to roll-formed steel, reinforced with carbon fiber on upscale models.  The truck comes with a plethora of truck/bed combinations.  Surely there is a style to please everyone.

No matter what GM calls the model designation of these trucks, truck faithful are sure to mob the dealers.  With 13 million miles of durability testing under these trucks’ belts, improved interior refinement, and no scary new unproven technologies at play, these trucks are sure to be a hit.

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