The title sounds awesome – because it is!  With summer vacations in mind, my thoughts turn to road trips.  If you were given time off from work and/or daily life, where would you go, and (most importantly), what would you drive?  Any  car, any place – what car would you choose?  Sounds simple, right?  It can be, if you’re driving in a car that you love.  The thing is, the car has to still be in production!  You can take one passenger, and gas is prepaid.  The one thing that’s not avoidable – speeding tickets!

Would you want to travel long distances on one tank of gas so you don’t need to fill up to often?  Or, is something with a sonorous engine like an American V8?  Or,  could it be something with oodles of luxury so you’re comfortable the entire trip?

If I had my choice, I would want to take something like the Bentley Continental GT V8, because it’s got a lot of comfort and speed.  Plus, it’s got one of the nicest sound systems in the world, so I can hook up the iPod and cruise along and listen to some music!  Imagine looking at the rolling hills of Scotland through the windows of that Bentley.  Or, I would take a Corvette and drive across Route 66. Or Argentina in a Huayra.  Or the Autobahn in an Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.  Or a McLaren P1 around the Nurburgring.  The possibilities are as plentiful as one’s imagination.

P.S. If you took an epic road trip across the U.S., feel free to tell me in the comments section, and what car you would do.  If you are planning a road trip, but don’t have a passenger, look no further!

2 thoughts on “Epic Drives – Across the U.S.!

  1. Okay, as long as we are dreaming, I will take a trip across Italy, France, and Spain. Any car suggestions. I am thinking I will pick it up in Paris and that I would like a convertible.

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