According to the large data-organization company, Polk, the Ford Focus, Fiesta, and F-Series are some of the best-selling vehicles in the world!

The Ford Focus is the most popular car in the world, with over 1 million units sold worldwide.  The two biggest countries?  The U.S. and China.  One in four Focuses sold goes to somebody in China.  That translates to 250,000 cars going to Chinese consumers.  The U.S. was right behind, with 245,922 Focuses sold.

The Ford Fiesta is the second most popular car in the world.  It is more successful in other countries like Europe and South America, but 723,130 units were sold worldwide.  Something note:  The Fiesta was down 17.2% last, selling a mere 56,775 units in America, but it is an international success.  This just goes to show that Ford’s global vehicle strategy is working!

The sales king of America again won the third most popular vehicle in the world title.  It does get the most popular truck title, which is amazing!  Ford sold an astonishing 785,630 F-Series workaholics.  82.1% of those went to Americans.  That translates to 645,223 American vehicles.  The rest went all around the world, mostly to Canada.

Just think, “I have one of the three most popular cars in the world from 2012!  And I drive all the time!  How cool!”  I would have loved to have contributed to the 2012 list, but there is still time for my readers to buy one of these vehicles for me, so that my car can reach the 2013 list…

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