So, I’d promised you some more drool-worthy hunks of Motown iron, right?  Well, here they are!!!!!






Photo0205I’m quite sure that all of you know what this lovely car is, right?  It’s a pristine 1967 Pontiac GTO with the 400 cubic-inch engine (6.6 liters!) and an automatic transmission.  Not the ideal choice for me, but I’m sure it gets the job done.  While it looks like it had a restoration about 5-7 years ago, it likely hasn’t put that many miles on in its lifetime.  The odometer reads a mere 80,145.  This is a sure sign that the car has been driven about 1,500 miles a year.  That’s pretty gentle, but I don’t think that the car cares that much!

Below, a pristine 1960-ish Chrysler 300 Windsor Sedan was parked just a few parking spots away.  It has a nice white-and-blue color scheme.  Inside, a satellite radio/iPod connector has been fitted (BOO!!!!!).  Enjoy this land barge!



I like the skinny whitewall tires.  They contrast nicely with the gigantic chrome wheel covers.  More nice photos of nice cars next time!

8 thoughts on “Out And About In Sonoma County!

  1. Funny, I live in the same town and never seem to notice these cars. Thanks for helping me stop and smell the motor oil!

  2. Wish you had shown the license plates on these cars….now it’s next to impossible for me to track them down and see if your faithful readers would chip in to try and get you one. Oh well.

    1. I don’t like to show the license plates on the cars, as I’m sure that the owners wouldn’t appreciate the information on their cars on the internet.

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