I’m sorry for the delay.  Editors can be finicky.  The editor apologizes for her tardiness in getting you this article.  But, this article is worthy of being late.

Many of us know that Honda makes some pretty nice motorized gardening equipment.  But, for Honda UK, a riding mower with a top speed of 8 mph simply wasn’t fast enough.  This mean mower makes 109 horsepower at the wheels, which gives it an estimated top speed of 133 mph.  That will certainly allow you a lot more time to do other chores.  The mower reportedly gets to 60 mph in 4 seconds.

Of course, Honda UK needed help to build this monster machine.  Honda UK’s British Touring Car Championship partner, Team Dynamics, the stock 2013 Honda HF2620 Lawn Tractor was re-engineered and redone in every mechanical way possible.  The chassis was custom-built to take the stresses of zooming around at speeds over 100 mph and mowing at 15 mph.  The engine is a 109-horsepower, 1000 CC engine that was pulled from a 2013 Honda VTR Firestorm motorcycle.  The suspension and tires were pulled from a Honda ATV.  The seats are custom-built Cobra Racing seats, a Scorpion exhaust system, and a steering rack was pulled from a wrecked Morris Minor (a 1960’s British economy car).  Tipping the scales at a relatively light 308 pounds, the surge of power is sent to the rear wheels via a custom-made six-speed automatic that features paddle shifters.

Even though it has a lot of cool modifications, the mower can still mow – kind of.  Thanks to two electric motors on the cutter deck, the steel cutting cable will spin around at 4000 rpm.  Earplugs are advised.  So is a helmet.  I’m not sure of where the grass will go – the fuel tank is inside of the grass bag.  While it can reach an estimated top speed of 133 mph, mowing can only happen at speeds up to 15 mph (twice the speed of the stock unit!).

All in all, the mower is an interesting mix of Honda, British economy car, and custom racing components.  It’s simply diabolical.  I want it.  Make that, need it!

5 thoughts on “Is This the World’s Fastest Riding Lawn Mower?

  1. What would you do with it after your faithful readers buy you one????? There’s no grass within 3 miles of your house in the wilderness. I’m going to save my contributions for something more practical….like a …..(use your imagination)

  2. Clearly Zayzee doesn’t understand the importance of a mower in country life! I thinkit is an excellent idea for YOU to purchase one. Clearly a goal for you to save towards.

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