Meet the Lucra LC470.  It’s powered by either a monstrously underrated Mercedes-Benz AMG 6.2-liter V8, a Chevy Corvette LS3 engine, or a Chevy Corvette LS7 engine.  Luke Richards, the founder of Lucra Cars, founded the company in 2006.

Let’s start with some history on Lucra. When Luke was growing up in England, his father always had a sports car of some sort (lucky guy).  His father’s sports cars were great in the curves, but absolutely slow on the straightaways.  Coming over to America as a teenager introduced Luke to the big American muscle cars with the rumbling V8’s.  They were brutally quick on the straightaways, but throw one into a curve, and you’d better have something to hold onto!  Luke was so dissatisfied with the European and American cars that he began the search for a car that was the best of both worlds. For the next 20 years or so, Luke pursued a variety of automotive-related careers.  His first automotive job was a lock boy at a local car dealership.  He eventually became a trusted confidant of the owner of the dealer group.  Next was a job in San Diego where he sold rare and vintage sports cars.  However, demand outpaced supply, and Luke moved on to be a plane pilot.  After he decided that flying private planes for people wasn’t his thing, Luke moved onto building and selling classic Porsche 356 Speedsters.  During this time, he became friends with Chuck Beck, a legend in Porsche Speedster replicas and race car design. Finally, Luke decided that all of his car-related knowledge and jobs had paid off.  Luke founded Lucra Cars in 2006.  Luke started design of the car in 2005, but it took him until 2010 to build the car. Luke procured the knowledge and experience of Beck to help him embark on creating his dream car.  The eventual result?  The 2010 Lucra LC470.  Beck had built a knock-off of the legendary 1958 Lister Cars road racer roadster, but it was about the same size as the original Lister.  Luke, who stands at well over six and a half feet tall, simply couldn’t fit. With the knowledge of Beck, Luke helped build a car that was larger and more comfortable.  Luke and Beck successfully created a car with a smooth, flowing body that captured the timeless lines of the 1958 Lister.  Since the 1958 Lister was extremely aerodynamic, the Lucra LC470 has extremely good aerodynamics and timeless styling.  Luke wanted the LC470 to have optimal performance.  So, Luke wooed a well-known NASCAR frame builder to engineer the LC470’s chassis so that the single-piece carbon fiber body would fit perfectly.  While building the frame, special attention was paid to the fact that the weight distribution had to be nearly perfect, so the LC470 could offer optimal weight distribution, balance, and maneuverability.  The result?  The Lucra LC470 handles like a go-kart on steroids.  It will easily pull over 1G cornering – if the driver is willing! Most of the parts for the LC470 are custom-made.  That’s not to say that all of them are.  There are three engine choices:

  1. Mercedes-Benz AMG 6.3-liter V8 (Welstec Supercharger is optional).  This engine is tried and true on streets.  It’s seen service in the E63 AMG, C63 AMG, G63 AMG, and the SLS AMG.  This engine will make other drivers take their hands off of the steering wheel to plug their ears!  It’s rated by AMG at 563 horsepower in the SLS, which is where the engine is pulled from.
  2. GM 6.2 LS3:  The LS3 is a very good, powerful engine.  It powers the Camaro SS, the Corvette C6, the much-beloved Pontiac G8, and the all-new Chevy SS.  This engine is powerful, and it makes about 480 horsepower.  It may be rated at 430 in the Corvette, but it really makes more than that.
  3. GM 7.0-liter LS7:  The LS7 saw duty in the Corvette C6 ZO6.  It currently is powering the Camaro Z/28.  It makes 505 horsepower in the Corvette Z06.  Lucra tweaks the LS7 to make 630-680 horsepower.  This engine sounds spectacular, and it makes the car a monster.

Tremec Transmissions makes a special five-speed manual transmission for the LC470.  Why no six-speed?  An extra gear adds more weight.  Opting for the LS3 will propel the LC470 to 60 mph in a mind-boggling 3.4 seconds.  But, the LS7 and AMG engine will take you to 60 in a freaky 2.7 seconds.  That’s on par with a Porsche 911 Turbo S and Bugatti Veyron Super Sport! The Lucra LC470 is a car like no other.  It’s like a modern Shelby Cobra, but it’s got handling that’s world’s better.  Yeah, I know that the Cobra is from the 1960’s.  But, give me the keys to an LC470 with the LS3 and the keys to a Cobra with the 289 cubic-inch V8, and I will happily gush affections about both!  I might even let my dad drive the Cobra… I haven’t seen one in person, but I will!  Luke says that the LC470 evokes a primal reaction.  I don’t doubt him.  The pictures that I have are stunning, and I would happily stand for hours just staring at one!  Luke has dozens of hilarious stories to prove it – he drives an LC470 daily.  I’ll share one of his stories with you. Luke was literally hunted down by a Hollywood celebrity while enjoying breakfast with friends in Hollywood.  While he was sitting at a table with some friends enjoying a wonderful breakfast, he saw a woman pacing intensely outside of his car.  This happens a lot to Luke.  But, this lady had driven past Luke’s parked LC470, parked three blocks down, and then walked to his car.  This would be funny, but it gets better!  The woman correctly assumed that the vehicle’s owner was inside that restaurant, and approached the Maitre d’ to track down the owner of this captivating car.  After she was reluctantly pointed to Luke, she pushed her way through the crowded restaurant, and upon arriving at Luke’s table, takes off her aviator glasses, looks at Luke, and says, “Hi, I’m Sharon Stone.  Now, is that your car?”

Overall, the Lucra LC470 is a car that is a masterpiece, and a dream come true for Luke – and many enthusiasts.  I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that the Lucra LC470 is a dream come true for you.  For those of you who have been lucky to own a 1958 Lister, or have seen one in action, I hope that the LC470 brings back fond memories.

I have attached the Motor Trend Youtube Channel video documenting the Lucra story, as well as the LC470.

You can spend time on the Lucra website at:

Enjoy the pictures that I have attached of the LC470 for you to drool over…

I'd take the LC470 in a different color combination - how about red and white?  But, it still looks stunning
I’d take the LC470 in a different color combination – how about red and white? But, it still looks stunning
This picture of the epic burnout of the LC470 from the Motor Trend Youtube Channel was pulled off of the Lucra website.  I just think that this action shot is awesome!  Thanks to Lucra Cars for having such amazing pictures!
This picture of the epic burnout of the LC470 from the Motor Trend Youtube Channel was pulled off of the Lucra website. I just think that this action shot is awesome! Thanks to Lucra Cars for having such amazing pictures!

8 thoughts on “A Life Dream…Come True

    1. I do have to agree with you that my color choices would almost certainly be better! I think matte black and silver would look nice. But, the iconic Gulf Racing colors would look nice on the Lucra LC470, as well…

  1. Maybe the bad color choice is to offset the “primal reaction” it brings out! Otherwise, it might be dangerous out there!

    1. Hey, it’s very safe! It has a high-strength steel tube chassis used in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Cars of Tomorrow! The only difference is that it doesn’t have a roof!

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