After a successful surgery and a minor hiccup, I am back on the road to recovery!  This means that I will start publishing every Tuesday and Friday!  This should make everybody happy, right?  I know that it makes me happy!  I’ve got plenty of captivating and funny posts just itching to be published.

While on the road to get to the hospital with my parents, I spotted something most people won’t see…ever.  No, it wasn’t a Pagani Huayra (I wish!).  It was a car transporter carrying 12 brand-new Ford Interceptor Utilities destined for, you guessed it, the California Highway Patrol!  It was one of the most amazing, cool things I’ve ever seen!  I just needed to share the pictures I took with you!  I hope that you enjoy them!

These are just two of the twelve 2014 Ford Interceptor Utilities on this car transporter!
These are just two of the twelve 2014 Ford Interceptor Utilities on this car transporter!
All of the Interceptor Utilities were destined for the CHP!
All of the Interceptor Utilities were destined for the CHP!
I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of all 12 of the Interceptor Utilities.  We were simply too close to get a picture of all 12 :(
I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of all 12 of the Interceptor Utilities. We were simply too close to get a picture of all 12 😦

I will give you some information on the Ford Interceptor Utility.  It’s a pretty cool vehicle.  The Ford Interceptor Utility is based off of the Ford Explorer SUV, but that’s about where the similarities end.  The Ford Interceptor Utility comes standard with FWD, but sales show that an overwhelming majority of buyers buy the Interceptor Utility with AWD.  The standard engine is the 3.7-liter, 305 horsepower V6 from the Mustang.  The Explorer is a porky vehicle, but with the high-revving, powerful V6 from the Mustang, the Interceptor is no slouch.  60 mph comes up in 6.4 seconds, while 100 mph comes up in 14 seconds.  That’s with the Interceptor Utility loaded with all of the gear required by the CHP!  A six-speed automatic is the only transmission available.  The other engine option for the Interceptor Utility is a 2.0-liter four cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost engine making 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque.  This engine has seen service in everything from the Taurus to the civilian Explorer to the Focus ST to the Escape.  It’s a durable engine that feels like a V6, and it gets decent mpg in the nearly-5,000 pound Explorer.  This engine was also named one of Ward’s Ten Best Engines for 2013.  That’s a pretty lofty achievement for Ford.  The other engine, the sweet spot in my mind, is the 3.5 liter, twin turbo EcoBoost engine borrowed from the F-150.  This is one powerful engine, and it’s been proven to be barrels of fun.  It sees service in everything from the Flex to the Taurus to the F-150 to the Explorer.  It propels the portly Interceptor Utility to 60 mph in a scant 5.7 seconds.  It’s the most popular engine with the CHP, Texas State Patrol, and the Michigan State Patrol.

Don’t forget what the Crown Victoria’s headlights look like.  The CHP bought 329 in 2011 before it’s production ended, and they will likely be in service until at least 2016.

I hope that you laughed yourselves silly over Roadkill.  Let me know what your favorite episode of Roadkill was!

12 thoughts on “What One Sees on the Road

  1. Having watched so many episodes of Roadkill with you in the hospital, it all seems a little blurry. I liked the desert one, though. I also appreciated their sense of humor.

  2. I am so glad to see you back on the road to recovery! I hope you are up to flooring it to the finish line of recovery! The Ford Interceptor Utilities look amazing and I hope the CHP can get their use out of them. Hopefully not you… Don’t speed…

    Can’t believe that your home!


  3. No, no. I liked both the guys. I appreciated Freiberger’s sense of humor. Actually, I liked the show where they took that car on the road to that show where they rebuilt the engine in front of everybody.

    1. Really? I thought that you liked Finnegan more. Just shows how much I know about you. I do like Freiburger’s sense of humor. I’m assuming that you’re talking about the most recent episode, the one with the yellow Crusher Camaro? That was a good episode…

  4. Your said you were on the road to recovery. I have two questions:

    Why does everything you write about, even your own health, have to be expressed in automotive terms. What’s wrong with the path to health.

    Does the road to recovery cross over the bridge to nowhere and when you get there where are you? (That’s exactly what I thought)

    WELCOME BACK !!!!!!!

    1. 1) I’m a car nut. I can’t help it if I use automotive terms. I also have a sense of humor.
      2) The road to recovery does NOT cross the bridge to nowhere. I lost the directions for the bridge to nowhere, and therefore I can’t get lost when I get there, right?

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