Just the other evening, I was driving home, and my 2003 Chrysler Town & Country LXi’s odometer rolled over for the second time.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that the car hit 200,000 miles.  100,000 miles is a milestone for any car, but 200,000 is impressive.  I think that it’s a good time to reflect on some nice memories that the old minivan has provided me.

I’ll never forget the day we bought it in 2003.  Most people have some sort of memory about buying a new car.  I was a little tyke back then, and it had been raining that morning while the negotiations for the car were going on.  When they handed us the keys and the minivan was ours, there were three rainbows!  That’s a good sign.  I remember that it was simply beautiful driving it home.

Another amazing memory really isn’t just one memory.  Rather, it’s a series of memories from the summer of 2007, when I traveled the country with my mom and sister (my dad joined us for the return trip).  It was a lot of fun, and something that I would gladly repeat any time.  Just throw me the keys…

Yet another memory was when I had first received my learners permit from the DMV, and my mom took me to a large parking lot and let me drive around.  It was just the beginning of my (hopefully) long driving career.  I didn’t really know how to do stuff like park, but what better way to learn than do it in your own car?

Now that I have my driver’s license, an amazing old minivan filled with even more amazing memories, what could go wrong?  I’ve loved every moment I’ve been in this old minivan, and I hope to enjoy many more.




6 thoughts on “An Amazing Car!

  1. I never imagined the Chrysler would still be running. It is a great car; trusty, reliable and remarkably repair free. Plus it does have all those amazing memories (Bongo barfaling regularly, Leo barfaling spectacularly all over your sister and the back seat, chocolate milk flying across the van, and salmon and marinade spilling across the back seat floor). We have sung songs, listened to books on tape, endlessly played “Put your finger in the air” for your sister and played 20 questions and other word games in it. Being the road warriors we are, we have lived a significant amount of time in that great car. Long may she run!

  2. I indeed remember that disgusting moment when Leo threw up all over me. Going across the country with you guys was awesome!

    Love you both.

    Sorry about the finger in the air!!

  3. While it has so many fun memories, i do hope you get a new car before it turns to 300,000! Happy and safe travels!

  4. I’m remembering Route 66 and the trains the trains and the mustard caper and the jackets being left in the cave with Gertrude. . . .
    What glorious memories, thanks for having me tag along

  5. I’m ALMOST at the point where I’d have no memories – but not yet! That car has been amazingly reliable and I’m sure will continue to be so. In fact, it’s in such good shape, you should try to trade it in on a Bugatti. Of course, it’s much more difficult to clean up a Bugatti when your dog barfles.

    I so enjoy watching you create new memories in the van. Here’s to many more!!

  6. Your post sure proves that old things are the best things.
    Keep making happy memories…..just don’t forget them.

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