I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, so I don’t know why I didn’t implement the idea earlier.  Anyways, this is what I have finally decided to implement:  At the beginning of every month, post your automotive-related questions as a comment on the most recent post.  I will see your questions and publish them in my forum post.  I will answer them to the best of my abilities.  It doesn’t matter what kind of automotive-related question it is, as long as it’s appropriate for all ages (I’ll leave that to you to figure out…).

Since I am implementing this, simply post your questions as comments, and the next post will be the Q & A session.  While some of these questions will be a piece of cake for me, others will not be so easy.  Bring ’em on.

8 thoughts on “A Monthly Forum for Any Automotive-Related Question!

  1. Hi Candler,

    Thanks for a great forum idea!

    OK here are two car questions. At some point we will need to replace our fleet of aging vehicles with low-mileage used vehicles (2-3 years old). What are some suggestions you have for:

    1. A more comfortable car than my current Honda Accord that gets good gas mileage, is quieter, and is a hatchback?

    2. A pick-up truck suggestion that is quieter, vibrates less, more car-like ride and has great repair/reliability record.


  2. think you have to give your faithful readers more of a heads up before you get started…perhaps you could also have questions submitted in the comments, but clearly marked as a question, so you could aggregate them as they occur to people and then answer them on your first posting each month…just thinking out loud

  3. Question: do manual transmission car drivers have fewer car accidents?

    Question: what is the average age of drivers ticketed for texting and driving?

  4. Candler,
    Debating about which car to lease. I was thinking about the Audi Q5, the Acura RDX, etc.
    Something in the 5 seat Hatchback SUV/Crossover type but I want the best car, best value,
    highest mileage, car I can get. I need to be able to transport 4 people comfortably when I take
    clients out, as well as have room and access for items I’m always picking up or samples to bring to customers. What gets your vote?

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