Cars are stolen a lot.  It’s an unfortunate reality, but it’s life.  It’s just pretty much unheard of when the same person steals the same car twice.  But, that’s what apparently happened recently in Fontana, CA.

I don’t know what his motives were, but Earnie Hooks stole a certain black 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider.  According to police, Hooks was intoxicated when he pulled up to a roadside checkpoint.  When the police ran the plates, they found out that the car was reported stolen.

Hooks managed to evade the police (given the car at his disposal, probably not too hard to pull off) and later abandoned the car, which was found and taken to impound.  However, about 3 a.m. the next morning, a special somebody broke into the impound lot and stole the car…again.  He was found five days later in Studio City, still driving the stolen Ferrari.  The LAPD arrested him, and Hooks somehow found the gall to plead not guilty to both the charges of car theft and resisting arrest.

Twice Stolen Ferrari

Here’s the Ferrari after Hooks was arrested.  I guess that if you’re going to steal something, go for the nicest possible car in sight…

Twice Stolen Ferrari

Here’s Hooks.  I don’t know where he got so banged up, but my best guess is during his arrest.

All I can say about this is wow.  For somebody to steal a Ferrari while drunk, evade police, BREAK INTO the impound lot, steal the car, and drive it around Los Angeles for 5 days and not be noticed is pretty amazing.  Don’t do this, kids.


6 thoughts on “California Man Accused of Stealing the Same Ferrari Twice!

  1. I followed this case very closly and wven attended a few of the court dates . it seems to be the car was registerd to earnie hooks. And that he was charged with stealing his own car twice. Once the car was in police impound the car is considerd thdre property. The tow truck operator who was caught on security camera accepting pay for the car to be released . let some one who was not earnie hooks drive the vehicle off the impound lot. Caused the ferrari to be a stolen vehicle from a fontana impound yard. The second stolen charge was when the car was located at the office of earnie hooks . that was the address on the regestration. So the forst charge of the car was the fontan pd not doing a investigation correctly they assumed it was earnie hooks who was at the impound yard and when the security footage clearly showed it was not him that charge got dosmissed. The second charge was when the car was in earnie hooks possition ( keep in mind he is the registerd owner of the car) in studio city . that should have been a la county xase not a fontana case . and fontana did the arest out of there jurisdiction . so once agin poor investigation work and compliance caused the second charge to be do
    Ismissed as well. And the car returned to earnie hooks.

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