No, I haven’t passed it yet.  I recommend taking it…over and over again.  My best score to date on this has been 60%.  And I thought I knew a lot about cars.  Go figure.  Try to take the quiz and pass – it’s harder than you’d think (even if you ARE a natural test-taker!).

Tell us your score(s) – we won’t make fun of you for failing (I’ve done that a few times with this quiz)!

The whole point of this quiz is to have fun…so do that!

8 thoughts on “The World’s Hardest Car Quiz!

  1. managed 40% by guessing 97.89% of the time
    never heard or saw any of the cars, parts or silhouettes
    we’re taking this weird test….meanwhile the Japanese are making microchips and cars not mentioned in this test except to confuse us

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