Hi wonderful readers, over the past few weeks, I’ve slowly been upgrading my blog. I just took a huge step. I am no longer at unmuffled.wordpress.com. I am proud to say that my new domain name is theunmuffledautonews.com. Please go there! More upgrades will be coming shortly, but I want to keep those a surprise until they happen!

Does anybody have a moving truck so I can move all of my blog items to a nice new office? If you do, I’ll hire you.

In the meantime, please alert me to anything that is preventing you from reading my posts, commenting on them, etc. I will fix it ASAP, but I can’t fix something I don’t know is there!

4 thoughts on “A Big Change!

    1. Why thank you! You’ve been nothing short of an inspiration to me. I’ve learned so much about finding my voice, how to optimize SEO words, and so much more about growing my little blog from you! I can’t thank you enough. I truly wouldn’t have such an amazing blog without you and your incredible help.

  1. a well deserved tribute to sherry…the quiet force giving zoom the veroom…so sayeth zayzee who knows all things

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