Out and About in Sonoma County!

The other day we were driving along, and we saw a school bus that had been pulled over by a CHP officer!  I don’t know why he was pulled over, but it must have been something serious.  Mom wouldn’t allow me to take pictures, as she felt that I should let the school bus driver suffer in silence.  Silence is a relative term when you’ve got 50 kids screaming and laughing at you.  Sounds like fun, right?  I am sure that the poor school bus driver will lose his/her job for doing something illegal.  I wish him/her well.

While I didn’t take a picture of the school bus being pulled over, I hope that this picture found on Flickr will suffice.  It is NOT a Sonoma County School bus!

Yep, that school bus got pulled over. by FormerWMDriver

How about THIS school bus taking YOUR kids to school?  It’s perfectly safe – the wall of fire is BEHIND them!  Just make sure that they don’t jump out of the emergency exit in the back…