The other day we were driving along, and we saw a school bus that had been pulled over by a CHP officer!  I don’t know why he was pulled over, but it must have been something serious.  Mom wouldn’t allow me to take pictures, as she felt that I should let the school bus driver suffer in silence.  Silence is a relative term when you’ve got 50 kids screaming and laughing at you.  Sounds like fun, right?  I am sure that the poor school bus driver will lose his/her job for doing something illegal.  I wish him/her well.

While I didn’t take a picture of the school bus being pulled over, I hope that this picture found on Flickr will suffice.  It is NOT a Sonoma County School bus!

Yep, that school bus got pulled over. by FormerWMDriver

How about THIS school bus taking YOUR kids to school?  It’s perfectly safe – the wall of fire is BEHIND them!  Just make sure that they don’t jump out of the emergency exit in the back…

9 thoughts on “Out and About in Sonoma County!

  1. This is a pretty hot article.

    Just know, that even when you post a short article your faithful readers understand and love you.

    1. Theo, there is no SXR trim level on any Dodge vehicle. Were you thinking of the SXT trim level?

      As to what I think about it, I think that it is a massive improvement over the 2012 model. All trim levels come with the excellent 8-speed automatic. It is well thought out, and there is a large aftermarket support by Mopar. It’s a fast, fun car that I would recommend in a heartbeat. If you want luxury, go for its kissing cousin, the Chrysler 300.

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