The MOST Expen$ive NEW Motorhome to EVER Go on Sale!

Are you getting tired of your Winnebago?  Tried the Newell Coach?  Not enough?  Try the essence of luxury with the eleMMent Palazzo!  It is 40 feet long, it costs a cool $3.12 USD, AND it’s on sale in Dubai!  The master bedroom alone is almost as big as my room, and it has a 40-inch HD plasma TV.  It comes with a built-in fireplace that can actually BURN REAL WOOD!  In the unlikely event that that didn’t blow your mind, the rooftop cocktail bar complete with underfloor heating, a refrigerator, a fully stocked bar, and an ice might.  Plus, it can reach a top speed of 93 MPH!

The manufacturer says that oil-rich sheiks are buying them like crazy!  While it would be nice to tour the world in the Palazzo, I think that I’ll go with something that my faithful readers can afford…

The Newell Coach that I have in mind is barely half the price of the Palazzo.  That’s affordable, right?