Are you getting tired of your Winnebago?  Tried the Newell Coach?  Not enough?  Try the essence of luxury with the eleMMent Palazzo!  It is 40 feet long, it costs a cool $3.12 USD, AND it’s on sale in Dubai!  The master bedroom alone is almost as big as my room, and it has a 40-inch HD plasma TV.  It comes with a built-in fireplace that can actually BURN REAL WOOD!  In the unlikely event that that didn’t blow your mind, the rooftop cocktail bar complete with underfloor heating, a refrigerator, a fully stocked bar, and an ice might.  Plus, it can reach a top speed of 93 MPH!

The manufacturer says that oil-rich sheiks are buying them like crazy!  While it would be nice to tour the world in the Palazzo, I think that I’ll go with something that my faithful readers can afford…

The Newell Coach that I have in mind is barely half the price of the Palazzo.  That’s affordable, right?

8 thoughts on “The MOST Expen$ive NEW Motorhome to EVER Go on Sale!

  1. Does the Palazzo come complete with wait staff and bartender? I would buy one, except I am not sure it will get up our hill.

    1. The Palazzo doesn’t come with a wait staff and a bartender. But, at that price point, I’m sure that you COULD hire a waiter/waitress, busboy, host(ess), chef, bartender, bouncer, and dishwasher. In terms of getting up the hill, the Palazzo is 4WD, with 6WD optional. Talk about off-road capability!

  2. Look how smart you are….not asking your faithful readers to buy you this…..hold your fire….there might be a new model soon

  3. I really should reread my comments before posting! I meant to say that I think that anything that comes with 6-wheel drive is amazing. How does it work?

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