I saw the “Epic, Awesome ’63 Corvette! ” (Even better, a Fuelie!) And, yes, it was cool.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In 1963, the Corvette was redesigned.  After almost 10 successful years of the first generation, the aging Chevy Corvette was in need of a redesign.  So, Chevrolet had their chief designers, Bill Mitchell and Larry Shinoda, design a new Vette.  The distinctively designed Corvette was made fun of by critics (now it is one of the most sought-after Corvettes ever made!  Ironic.). 


The Corvette Sting Ray had a two-seater cabin like other Vettes, but it had a two-piece rear windshield.  The 1963 Corvette Sting Ray had engine choices ranging from a 327 cubic inch V8, to a 396 cubic inch V8, and the best, a 427 cubic inch V8.  The 396 was offered from 1964-1966.  The 327 had a very rare “Fuelie” option.  Very few Fuelies were ever made, and these pictures are actual ones I took at the American Graffiti salute (look at my previous post, “Where Were You in ’62?”) of a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Fuelie.  The second picture may look like it has a carburetor, but it is only a massive cold-air intake! 

This particular Sting Ray has the optional AM/FM radio option, along with the standard four-speed manual.  The sloping rear deck was meant to reduce drag, and increase styling.  Larry Shinoda had the rare talent of designing beautiful cars that were very aerodynamic.  The fuel-filler is behind the rear deck. (They did this because of the fuel tank being underneath the cargo area.) 

The Fuelie Sting Ray made 250 bhp (brake horsepower), a lot less than the 375 bhp carbureted version!  Even though bigger disc brakes were available on the Fuelie, many people chose the carbureted version because of its cheaper price (the Fuelie option cost $538).  The Fuelie could be optioned with any of the normal options available on Corvettes.

Talk about a beautiful car…

Trivia moment!  Did you know that the ’63 Vette Sting Ray Fuelie could go up to 152 mph!  VROOM!

7 thoughts on “A Cool Vette

  1. My father in law has a white t-roof corvette with a ruby red interior. I got to take it for a spin, once, and decided I would get too many speeding tickets if I ever had a car lke that!!
    PS We got the pictures.

  2. Great post. The ’63 split window ‘vette is one of my dad’s favorite cars. He almost bought one once from a neighbor, but he didn’t trust the guy. A few corrections: The 327 was only engine available in ’63 albeit in several different versions. The 396 wasn’t offered in the Sting Ray, and the 427 wasn’t offered in the Ray until 1966 when the high performance version made 425HP. Also the Fuelie was the most powerful engine in ’63 at 360HP, whereas the most powerful carbureted engine made 340HP. The base engine had a Carter four-barrel carburetor and produced 250HP. The Sting Ray came standard with a three-speed manual floor-shift but you could get a four-speed manual or a three-speed automatic.

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