What is this thing? Animal, vegetable, mineral? No.  So what the heck is this vehicle?  It deserves its own category in the car world.  I don’t really know what kind of car it is, but it appears to look like a Ford Business Coupe body that has no paint, and a HUGE engine. 

 The engine appears to be a Dodge 392 Hemi V8 engine with what looks like a turbocharger.  The engine looks like a crate engine, and probably makes about 600 horsepower. 

 The rear roll cage is most likely custom-built, but is cool!

 The wheels look like Cragars.  Since Cragars come only in silver,

 Given an empty stretch of road, this car can probably reach up to 150 mph!  (That is, if there are no cops around!)

 On the way back home, I saw this creation being towed back home; that is, on a tow truck!  Oops! 

 Post a comment if you have a better idea of what this is.

7 thoughts on “Guessing Game

  1. What is this thing? Did it ask you “Take me to your leader.” Dodge didn’t make a 392. Ford did, but it wasn’t a Hemi. Also it probably isn’t a business coupe body unless it was chopped because a business coupe is a closed car. More likely it is a roadster. Also I was wondering, what is a ‘Glass Pack’?

      1. Your right,

        I was thinking of old engines. Also I was wrong about Ford’s engine, they made a 390 not a 392.

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