Waddaya think of this?  It can definitely hold all the food that my mom has to get when she goes to Costco…  If I can make one, I’ll be REALLY lucky!  This one happened to have a HUGE engine.  My guess is that it was  probably a bored and stroked GM ZZ502 Crate engine.  At least, that’s what it looked like.  It was basically a hot rod chassis with a huge cart body welded onto it.  My guess is that you can probably go up to about 60 mph before you lose control and the milk goes flying!

My dad and I think that the driver and owners have to go through a clutch per parade!  The driver is constantly riding the clutch and revving the engine! I saw this shopping cart at an Independence Day Parade near my house.  Everybody else was riding trailers pulled by concourse-restored tractors!

I know one thing for certain:  It definitely isn’t street-legal!  If it crashed, the driver would take flying lessons!   It might be fun to drive, but I wouldn’t want to drive it onto the trailer.

6 thoughts on “A Basket Full of Dreams

  1. I would definitely enjoy shopping more if I could drive through the aisles in that baby!!

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