The Bijan Bugatti

You know the old saying “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away.”  Well, Here’s another saying: “A Bugatti Veyron a Day Keeps  Sadness away.”  Well, you shouldn’t buy one a day, as your house will be foreclosed on, but imagine if you COULD have one a day! Or how about one for a day?  I can…

But, I think I should get to the point.  When I was recently down in So Cal, I saw not one, but TWO Bugatti Veyron’s!  And, did I mention that I saw them both in 1 day!  Awesome!

One of them was on Rodeo Drive in front of the Bijan store.  Nice…  I couldn’t help but take pictures for you!  I was walking Rodeo Drive with my grandpa Jack, looking for something nice when I spotted the Veyron.  We went across the street and took some pictures.  Grandpa Jack knocked on the Bijan door, and we were beckoned in.  There was a small version of the Veyron inside a glass case.  We were told that it wasn’t for sale, but merely a display.  But, IF you buy a Veyron, Bijan will make a limited-edition Bijan Bugatti Veyron.  Are you Veyron owners listening out there?  I hope so.  I REALLY want a Bugatti like the Bijan one:  Yellow and Black on a black/carbon fiber interior.  Wow.  That car is positively the best-looking car ever!


Bijan's Bugatti Model

The other was at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.  I took pictures of that as well.  My mom spotted the one at the Peninsula.  Here’s a funny story that happened while she was taking pictures.  While she was taking pictures of the Bugatti on her phone, a young man came up to her and said “it’s so expensive, it should come with a girlfriend and cover her maintenance costs!”  He then proceeded to also take pictures!  That must have been a cool sight!  Two people next to each other, taking pictures of the second-fastest- and second-most expensive car in the world!  Wow!  The Veyron at the Peninsula is similarly amazing; it is Gray and Black, with the same interior (Bugatti only offers one interior design).

The valet’s don’t know who owns it, because the hotel manager parks it.  He parks it in a spot where you HAVE to look at it!  Nice, huh?  The valets aren’t allowed to tell anybody who owns the Veyron (if they knew).  All they know is that it’s somebody extremely wealthy (or somebody extremely in debt!).  My Grandpa and I went back to see it.  Awe inspiring!

Bugatti Veyron

Are you ready for the spectacular specifications for the Veyron?

– W16 engine:  1001-1200 horsepower, 922-1106 foot-pounds of torque.

– Ricardo 7-speed, dual-clutch automatic:  Shifts in sport mode: as short as 80 milliseconds.

– All-Wheel-Drive:  Torque-vectoring rear axle (only on Super Sport), 3.92:1 rear axle!

With all that horsepower and torque, can you imagine how hard it would be to drive with a six-speed manual transmission?  You’d have to be a Top Fuel Dragster driver (that is with a manual!)  Yikes!

One last picture to leave you with…..

Bugatti Veyron

11 thoughts on “My first (and possibly last) cars!

  1. Candler, besides the $1.8 million dollar price tag, we could never get this car. Where would we all fit, plus lunches, groceries, swim/track gear and library books? No, a minivan is definitely the superior car!

  2. Candler, I was with your mom the day I saw the Bugatti at the Peninsula Hotel. She rushed over to take a closer look. I asked her what the big deal was with that particular car. She just looked at me with a “DUH” kind of stare and said “are you kidding me!!!!!” Okay, what can I say – I’m a car nerd, but I would still take the house over a Bugatti!

  3. I just saw this car yesterday! I happened to see it it as I was coming out of a SHOE STORE!

    Love the car …

    Love the shoes…

    Love You

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