You’re probably thinking “I am NOT going to comment on this post!”  Well, you might want to.  This post is on the infamous “Elephant Motor.” 

The so-called ‘Elephant Motor’ is a 426 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi engine.  It is called the elephant motor because of its huge displacement (the volume of air displaced when the engine is turned a cycle by the pistons – in this casr, 426 ci), and huge power output (425 horsepower).  And that’s only in stock form! 

The Elephant Motor was developed for NASCAR in 1963.  Its first race was in a Plymouth Belvedere, in 1964.  For many years, the 426 Hemi won many races in NASCAR. 

In my opinion, the true Chrysler Elephant Motor is the 440 Six-Pack Hemi.  VROOM!

8 thoughts on “Can You Trumpet like an Elephant Motor?

  1. The Hemi was a great engine,

    My favorite car that used the 426 is the ’68 Dodge Charger R/T with a four-on-the-floor. The 426 was more powerful than the 440 even though the ’40 was a bigger engine. The 440 was a wedge head instead of a hemi head.

      1. Oh yeah I forgot, I forgot about the trak pak. Make that a 68 Charger R/T with the trak pak.

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