Building the car of your dreams ain’t that hard. No, I don’t mean the building it from the wheels up!  You can do it from the comfort of your living room or office!  It’s that easy!  Just about every automaker has an online configurator that is, quite possibly, the culprit in work-time computer fun.  These configurators go far beyond the days of old, when you just had to hope that the car you wanted was waiting for you in a car lot.  It’s super easy to send the car of your dreams from an online configurator to a dealer.  The dealer will email you, telling you how much your wallet will shrink to have that car in your driveway.

Try not to get carried away with the nearly ten million possible configurations available!  Otherwise, just another lost day at work or school!

If you are looking for a new MINI Cooper S, here is an example:

But, for me, the best one yet is the configurator.  Try to avoid endless hours of daydreaming at the computer.  You still like your job, right?

With the Rolls-Royce Ghost, the combinations are so endless, that you could stay on the computer until October, and you still wouldn’t be finished picking out every little detail!  I figured that with a cheap car (the MINI), an ultra-exclusive car (the Veyron), I needed something for the everyday person.  I proudly present the Rolls-Royce Ghost!,i13

Of course, this wouldn’t be a good post with out some good ol’ American Muscle.  So, I had to include a 2011 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca!  With a Retail price of $48,778, a lease of $884 a month, this car certainly isn’t cheap!

Most automakers have an online configurator for all their cars.  The downsides are that many automakers don’t let you see changes to the car interior. Chevy and Honda let you see the interior, but not the carpets. If it’s under the hood, go onto Google Images.  You won’t find it on the website.  Also, most sites require you to have a good high-speed internet connection.  And all the latest multimedia connections, such as an email address and/or Facebook or Twitter.  If you configure your dream car for me, and post it with your comment, you might have a surprise!

Remember to Dream a Little Dream Of Me!

10 thoughts on “Car of Your Dreams or Dream a Little Dream For Me

  1. Great post, Candler! If you are a person easily overwhelmed by choices (I am one of those people), the process of online ordering could delay the ordering of a car for weeks if not months. Hum? Is that possibly a downside for the car companies? In any event – it’s always good to dream! p.s. Once Uncle Howie reads your post he will probably be billing a couple of hours less a day. Thanks a lot, Kid!

  2. Working back through old emails from you I haven’t read and just wanted to tell you that this is a really useful one that educates your readers in a practical and informative way…..not to mention that I think your writing is getting really cute and sophisticated at the same time as your true persona shines thru. All your readers will end up, someday, saying…I knew him when.

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