Vroom! Wee-ooh! You’re speeding down an expressway in Italy, and you look back.  There’s a very loud car that looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in a science fiction movie.  You wonder “what is that?”  You think “that can’t be a police car.  It’s too low.  But, there is a light bar and siren.”  So, you pull over.  A well-dressed officer steps out.  You roll down the window, and, believe it or not,  he writes you a ticket.  When he is finished, you ask him what the car is.  He replies “It’s a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.  Like it?”  You should.  The car cost the Italian Police Force $350,000!

It started out as a normal Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4 with the optional Sea Blue color.  They then took it to a custom hot rod shop, and had them put a siren, light bar, and CB radio.  That cost them $50,000.  Next was all the necessary paint, tires, radar gun and laptop computer.  That was $100,000.

Very few officers get to drive it.  The ones that do are the best of the force.  They are handpicked by the Prime Minister of Italy.

Other high-performance police cars include a: Lamborghini Mercielago, Porsche 911 Turbo S, a Chevy Corvette ZR1, a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake, and many more.

Sadly, in 2010, this amazing Lamborghini Gallardo went MIA when it was trying to chase down a hipped-up Toyota Prius.  The Prius had the defective gas pedal and floor mats.  The driver [of the Prius] managed to stop, but the Lamborghini Polizia Gallardo wasn’t.  It smashed into the Prius going 175 mph.  The driver of the Prius was uninjured, but the Gallardo officer was severly injured with a broken neck.

Here are some pictures of the Gallardo.  Ouch.

Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car 1119x759


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