Due to various staffing problems, the post I promised for Friday never graced the glorious text of my blog.  Sorry!  Here’s a really helpful tip:  Never go on vacation and expect your family to post your article for you!  Have a friend do it.  They’re more dependable…

“Really, a thirteen-year-old driving a lawn tractor and backhoe?  I think it’s time to call the Police.”  Don’t.  Really.  It’s okay.  There were adults nearby, and besides I drive the lawn tractor all the time (whenever needed by my parents!). I’m so helpful, as long as it requires heavy machinery and cars (Next up, a cement truck?)

The John Deere L110 (lawn tractor) has a 17.5 horsepower, 0.75 liter single cylinder engine.  It is a two-stroke engine to keep maintenance costs low.  It has a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with a low “gear”, and a high “gear.”  It can tow up to 800 pounds (larger than the competition), and carry up to 400 pounds.  There are some complaints about hitching up the trailer.  Instead of a normal trailer hitch, it has the very old-fashioned way: the Cotter’s pin and small hitch.  It’s very easy to jackknife the trailer, as it is longer than the tractor, and isn’t fifth-wheel.  If it was fifth-wheel, I could go flying (small exaggeration) all over the place!  One can only hope…

With the backhoe, it’s another story.  It was my second time driving one.  The first time, it was a much smaller one (about 5,000 pounds) than the John Deere 310J (around 15,000 pounds) that I drove.  The 310J is easier to drive than it looks.  I mean, you won’t turn out a two minute lap around Virginia International Raceway, but maybe a one hour lap (max speed is 20 mph)!  It won’t turn out a five-second quarter mile either!  But, you can go just about anywhere (that doesn’t include tree-climbing!).  You also should consider a Chrysler Town & Country as a family vehicle; the 310J gets  worse gas mileage and can comfortably hold about three people.  I miss that backhoe SOOOOO much!

Stay tuned for pictures of me driving the family van.

10 thoughts on “I’ll Drive Anything!

  1. We have some work up here on Macken mountain. Could use a good tractor, backhoe guy!! Let us know when you are available.

  2. If you were growing up in a city like Los Angeles, you would be driving
    Real cars instead of farm vehicles. I never took you for settling for tractors and back hoes, as opposed to turbo Porsche’s, or convertible Jaguars.

    Keep up the good work!

    Uncle Bob

  3. Good thing someone around there knows how to drive big machinery and is getting something done. Great pics!

  4. The last three pictures are exhibits A,B and C in the case of Citizens of Santa Rosa vs Candler Weinberg for driving large ugly things on a public street without a license.

    I know a really excellent lawyer who may defend you if the price is right.

    Hugs from Zayzee

    1. NOOO!! Are you out of your right mind? I think so. Do you know how hard it is to keep that 15,000 pound backhoe in a straight line? I didn’t think so.

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