Hey, y’all…Sorry I wasn’t able to get you the post I promised on Saturday, as I had more than mountains of homework (on Thanksgiving weekend!).  Since I don’t have time to do a post on all the cars that I took pictures of at the San Francisco International Auto Show, I hope that you’ll be content with a definition.  By the way, I will do a post on the San Francisco International Auto Show on Friday!

SAE stands for?  Society of Acura of England?  Nope, it’s Society of American Engineers.  SAE publishes articles on cars, does horsepower and torque testing, and some safety testing.  SAE has been around since 1841.  SAE is made up of the brightest engineers from  all over America.  SAE accepts about 50 engineers annually.  Overall, people would have very odd feelings about their car(s).

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